Miraculous healing by the intercession of Blessed Alexandrina

The following is an account of a letter from Fr Lawrence who has celebrated Mass here in Emmanuel House on many occasions.

October 28th 2014, , Fr Lawrence was asked to meet with a couple to pray with them after hearing that their daughter, who was not yet born and at 30 weeks old, had “no legs”. Gerry and Elizabeth, the parents, were obviously devastated by the news but planned to keep the baby so on Thursday 30th October 2014 it was arranged that Fr Lawrence would meet with them. After talking about Fr Lawrence’ work, Gerry and Elizabeth explained their situation to Fr Lawrence.

They said how that the doctor’s tests showed that the baby had not developed legs and that they had another test the following Monday. It was also anticipated that the baby would have to be induced around the second week of December (The feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe). Fr Lawrence then went on to tell Gerry and Elizabeth some of the amazing stories of Blessed Alexandrina and that he had brought a relic of Blessed Alexandrina. Fr Lawrence prayed over Elizabeth’s head asking God to heal this baby through the intercession of Blessed Alexandrina.

Fast forward to April 2015, Fr Lawrence and a group from Limerick visited us here at Emmanuel House. Eddie invited Gerry up to speak to the congregation. Gerry explained how Elizabeth experienced a heat sensation and that she thought that Fr Lawrence had poured ashes on her head but there were no visible marks. Fr Lawrence was not aware of this until Gerry spoke about it in Emmanuel House.

November 3rd 2014, Gerry and Elizabeth had received the tests back and it showed that their baby had legs. Doctor’s could not explain why, or what had happened. Doctor’s could not understand how it was possible that the baby grew legs from 5% development to 56% in 4 days. When asked by Gerry and Elizabeth whether or not the baby would have legs, the Doctor replied “I can’t say for sure”. Elizabeth burst into tears and went straight to the Church to pray the rosary.

At 11:35 pm on December 10th 2014, Isabel Ruth O’Donovan was born. The next morning Doctor’s made a visit to Elizabeth and Ruth.  After rubbing and pulling Isabel’s feet and legs, they placed the blanked over her and said, “She has legs” Isabel was baptized on February 21st and she is doing great.