Life in the Spirit Seminars starting on 23rd February at 2:30pm

Emmanuel House of Providence are running Life in the Spirit Seminars
Every Sunday, Feb 23 – Apr 5 starting at 2:30p.m.

7 week talks designed to lead us into a deeper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Bishop Michael Duignan will be saying Mass on the 23rd February

Why do Life in the Spirit Seminars?
This promise is for you, for you who want something more.
For you who know that you have a thirst that has not yet been satisfied.
For you who have heard of a water that refreshes beyond compare.
For you who feel burdened, who feel that you have reached the depths and want to rise.
For you who are on top of the world, but who know that all the world does not have enough.
For you who are full of fears and anxieties, for you who feel hardened and closed.
For you who are full of eagerness and enthusiasm, for you who want all a human being can have.
For all men, there is a promise, a promise made by your God, by the one who made you.
Perhaps you know him and have wondered if there should not be more. Perhaps you have only dimly heard of him and wish you could find him.
Now he speaks to you. Now he offers you a promise, a free gift, a new life – without price. He offers it to you freely, just as he created you freely, because he loves you.

“Let him who is thirsty come; let him who desires take the water of life without price.” (Rev 22:17)

Speakers 23rd Feb – Bishop Michael Duignan
1 March – Fr. Joseph Mary, Gray Friars of Renewal, Moyross
8 March – Fr. John Mockler
15 March – Eddie Stones
22 March – Fr. Pat Deely
29 March – Frank McGuiness
5 April – Fr. Michael Kennedy