Fr. Pat Collins is coming to Emmanuel House on 3rd August starting at 10:30a.m.

Fr Pat Collins, a Vincentian priest based in Dublin, is the most prominent cleric in the field and has been called in to deal with many cases of demonic disturbance around Ireland.  A member of the New Springtime Community, and one of the few priests in the country who has experience as an exorcist, Fr Collins has noticed that while there has been a decline in the number of people who believe in the supernatural, there has also been increasing evidence of the malicious activity of the devil all over Europe.   Freedom from Evil Spirits CoverIn his fascinating new book, Freedom from Evil Spirits, Fr Collins offers suggestions for protection and defence against this malevolent force, from breaking curses to self-deliverance from demonic manifestations and cleansing disturbed buildings. He discusses his experience of deliverance ministry and much more.