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Annual Pilgrimage to Međjugorje 2015

Pilgrimage to Medjugorje will take place from Wednesday 30th of September to Tuesday 6th of October

Group Leaders ~ Eddie & Lucy Stones

30th September - 6th October

Price per person - €689.00


  • How to book – Complete a booking form and return with your deposit of €50.00 per person to Emmanuel House or Marian Pilgrimages. Please make all cheques payable to Marian Pilgrimages. The balance is due 6 weeks prior to your travel date. If you need a booking form, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  • You can also pay for your pilgrimage by easy installments; €50 every two weeks from May to September or any other amounts you wish.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss a plan that’s tailored for you.

  • 30th September – Departing Dublin airport at 7am, to arrive at Dubrovnik airport, where you will be transferred to Medjugorje. Your accommodation will be on a half board basis for 7 nights; bed, breakfast and evening meal.

  • 6th October – Departing from Dubrovnik today, travelling by coach from Medjugorje.
  • Insurance - Insurance is included in the overall price but there is a reduction of €15 if you already have multi-trip travel insurance.  Insurance details must be filled in on the booking form in order to receive this reduction and please bring a copy of your insurance details to Medjugorje.

  • Single room - If you request a single room, it is an additional €140.00 for the week.

  • Room sharing - If you wish to share with another person.  Please state the name of the person on the booking form.

  • Bus – If you require a seat on the bus, Please contact the secretary in Emmanuel House on 0579151552, the bus leaves from Emmanuel House and may have a pick up on the way (Bus ticket not included in price for trip)

        See why you should consider visiting Medjugorje.

January 25, 2014

"Dear children! Pray, pray, pray for the radiance of your prayer to have an influence on those whom you meet. Put the Sacred Scripture in a visible place in your families and read it, so that the words of peace may begin to flow in your hearts. I am praying with you and for you, little children, that from day to day you may become still more open to God’s will. Thank you for having responded to my call."



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                          Medjugorje Miracles

From the beginning, the Medjugorje apparitions were accompanied by many unusual phenomena, both in the sky and on the ground, especially by miraculous healings. I, myself with about a thousand pilgrims, experienced one unusual dance of the sun. That manifestation was so unusual and obvious, that everyone without exception classified it as a miracle. None of those present remained indifferent, which I myself was convinced of by questioning the others who were present. The joy, the tears, and the statements of those present strongly confirmed it. From their words it could be seen that they understood that manifestation as a confirmation of the authenticity of the apparitions, and as an incentive to respond to the Medjugorje messages by accepting them. And that is the real purpose of miracles: to help people believe and live by faith because they stand in the service of the faith and of the salvation of people.

Regarding the luminous phenomena in Medjugorje, a professor employed in Vienna, an expert in that field, admitted to me that he studied them in Medjugorje for a week. At the end, he told me: "Science has no answer to these manifestations." Although judgment about miracles does not belong to any natural science nor to science in general, but to theology and faith, nevertheless, the judgment of science is very important because where it leaves off, faith takes over. It is very significant that many events were understood by the faithful as a real miracle. They understood their significance and, whether they experienced them for themselves or through others, they felt themselves obliged to accept the Medjugorje messages as an obligation. It is difficult to say precisely how many of these miraculous events have taken place in regards to the Medjugorjeapparitions. However, it is well known that several hundred of them have been reported and attested to. Several of them have been thoroughly examined and scientifically-theologically elaborated, and there is no serious reason whatsoever to doubt their supernatural character. It suffices to mention just a few of them.

Mrs. Diana Basile, born October 5, 1940 in Platizza, Cosenza, Italy, suffered from multiple sclerosis, an otherwise incurable disease, from 1972 till May 23, 1984. In spite of the expert help of the professors and doctors at the clinic in Milan, she grew more and more sick. By her own desire she came to Medjugorje and was present during the apparition of Our Lady in a room connected to the Church and was suddenly healed. All of that happened in such a quick and thorough way that on the following day the same woman walked barefoot 12 kilometers from the hotel in Ljubu ki, where she spent the night, to the apparition hill in order to thank Our Lady forthe healing. Ever since then until today, she has remained well. Upon her return to Milan, the doctors were astonished by her healing and immediately established a medical commission which was again thoroughly to examine both the previous and present condition of the healed woman. They collected 143 documents and, in the end, 25 professors, head doctors, and other doctors wrote a special book about the disease and the healing in which they stated that Diana Basile indeed did suffer from multiple sclerosis, that for many years she was unsuccessfully treated, but that now she is completely well and that this did not happen by any kind of therapy, nor by any kind of medicine. They, thereby, indicated that the cause of the healing was from a different than scientific source.

Another more significant miracle happened to Rita Klaus of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, a teacher and mother of three children, born January 25, 1940, who for 26 years suffered from multiple sclerosis. She was also one that neither doctors nor medicine were able to help. Reading the book about Medjugorje, Is the Blessed Virgin Appearing in Medjugorje? by Laurentin-Rup~i}, she decided to accept Our Lady's messages. And once while she was praying the rosary on May 23, 1984, she felt within herself some unusual warmth. After that she felt well. And from then till today the patient is completely well and capable of doing all her domestic and school work. There is a solid medical documentation about her sickness and her futile therapy and likewise a professional certification of the doctors on her extraordinary and incomprehensible healing, which is complete and permanent.

There are still other healings pertaining to Medjugorje which took place suddenly and thoroughly They are more or less expertly examined. But some of them have not at all yet been analyzed. It is not ruled out that among them there are some cases just as great as those already analyzed. With miracles it is critical that they originate from God and that they serve the faith, but it is not important for them to be "big". It is rather people of good will and open to the truth that will recognize them rather than biased scientists and versatile critics because they often shut themselves within boundaries where a miracle "must not" and "cannot" happen.